Unique urns, handmade in Tuscany – for your loyal companion

About Kanopet

The final resting place for a beloved pet

Kanopet makes exquisite urns for keeping your pet’s ashes at home. The ashes jars, in the form of ancient Egyptian canopic jars, ensure a dignified final resting place for your departed pet. The elegant urns are made by hand in Volterra, Tuscany, from high-quality alabaster. The elaborate manufacturing process ensures each urn is unique. Care your loyal companion deserves.


A special resting place for a loyal companion

Kanopet makes it possible for a beloved pet to keep their place in the heart of your home, even after they've passed away. You will be comforted by the knowledge that your cherished pet, having made their final journey, is back home for good.


Example of an Egyptian canopic jar

In Ancient Egypt, canopic jars were used during the mummification process to store the viscera of their owners. The earliest examples date from the end of the fourth dynasty of Meresankh III. The pot-bellied jars, topped with lids shaped like animal heads, were made from clay, alabaster and limestone back then. The term “canopic” refers to Admiral Canopus, who led the mythological fleet, along with Isis and Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, to India.

Eternal elegance


From raw material to pet urn

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